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Car Lockout Services in San Jose by Towing Patriot

Towing Patriots is everybody’s go-to towing company for all kinds of towing and roadside assistance services, including car lockout services. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including special holidays during the year) Towing Patriots is one of the very few towing companies who offer unique and tailored car lockout services at highly competitive prices.

Since we’ve had ample experience dealing with all types of emergency situations while our customers are out on the road, we can open absolutely any jammed lock of any car (yes, that includes all makes, types, and models) at the shortest amount of time possible. Our experienced, dedicated, and professional locksmiths are always ready and able to serve the local community of San Jose during any time of the day.

What is a car lockout and why do so many car owners experience it?

If you have never heard of the terms car lockout, then you probably haven’t experienced it before (lucky for you). However, getting locked out of one’s car is becoming increasingly more common especially to those who are always on-the-go in the city, or if someone is simply running late.

A person could get locked out of his or her own car for a multitude of reasons: a) his/her car has an automatic lock function and he/she forgot his or her keys inside the car, b) a person misplaced his/her keys and has no duplicates, c) the doors might have gotten jammed because of broken locks, d) and so on.

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